All galleries are equipped with the following:

        Gallery lights
        Folder with artist’s info and CV/bio
        Guest & comment book
        Magnetic doors which hold artist & gallery mission statement
       Audio & Visual equipment

BackPack Gallery

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A sculptural project by fine artist Heloisa Escudero.  The sculptures are a collaborative mobile fine art gallery.  Professional fine artists collaborate with Heloisa by creating an art installation and performing by carrying the BackPack Sculpture Units. 

BackPack Gallery

The BackPack Gallery is taking a little break but checkout Heloisa Escudero’s work in this link:  Please attend any one of her exhibitons and say hello, 
all schedule exhibitions are below.

Governors Island Art Fair - New York City - NY - September 24th  - “Offobia Shrine” Performance - 2:30 pm in front of the main building 

Object Center - Solo Exhibition & performance “Drawing The Phobia” 
September 2016 - Boston, MA

Life Soundtrack Exhibition - Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery  - Washington DC 
   * Opening Reception – Friday, September 16, 7:00-9:00pm
           *  Artist and Curator Talk – Saturday, October 15, 3:30 – 5:30pm
                       * A Night of Two Performances –  “Select By The Translated Movement”    
Performed by Heloisa Escudero – Thursday, October 20, 6:30-8:30pm

“Three on the Flesh” - Solo Performance and exhibition - January 2017 
The New Gallery For Contemporary Art at NOVA - Woodbridge - VA
The BackPack Gallery will be in this solo exhibition.
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