Dumbo Arts Festival - 2012  DAF2012.html
Art Installation & Artists

New York City - September 29th and 30th, 2012

Kwan Taeck Park

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Interactive installation - “Where I Cannot Go”
Lia Zuvilivia
Interactive Sculpture Installation - Glass, nails, magnet.  Viewers 
               move nails from glass sculpture and vice versa
Interactive Photography Drawing Installation  - “Raw”
Nina Mendez Marti
Matice McMillan
Sculpture Installation - “Untitled”
Eun Jung Kim
Tao Kulczycki
Sculpture Video Installation - “Hyperspace”
Sculpture Installation - “Art Lure”
Brian Stinemetz
Ji Sun Beakhttp://www.jisunbeak.comhttp://www.jisunbeak.comshapeimage_56_link_0
Sculpture Installation - “Untitled”