Staff Performers

Macklen Mayse - Guest Curator

Brian P. English - Administrative Assistant/ Photographer

Heloisa Escudero - Gallery Director/ Project Creator/ Artist Collaborator

New York - NY- September 22nd & 23rd, 2013

Governors Island Art Fair

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Guest Curators

Macklen Mayse - I Pick Your First Curator - Macklen is an artist who is part of the “I Pick You First Series.” In this series the BackPack Gallery selects an artist to participate and this selected artist becomes the curator by choosing other artists to perform/exhibit together.  Macklen has selected Karla Stingersteiner and Raquel Du Toit to perform/exhibit in the GIAF 2013.

Lucia Oceguera - International Guest Curator - Lucia has curated Vanessa Rueda to perform.

Marguerita Hagan - Philadelphia Guest Curator - Marguerita has curated Jacinthia Clark and Taylor Sakarett.