Art Installation & Artists

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Marguerita Hagan
Brigid Wallace
Ceramic sculpture installation - “Seed Project”

Philadelphia - PA - June 7th, 2013

BFA Student Curator - Michele Kishita - Her selected artists are: Camille Sassano, Alexandra Coultas & Brigid Wallace 

MFA Grad Curator - Katie Dillon Low - Katie has curated Beth Prusky, Marguerita Hagan & Donna Backues

For the first time in the history of the BackPack Gallery’s exhibitions we performed in the pouring rain.  It was still a very successful exhibition so thank you all the artist and curators for doing a such a good job that audience were willing to walk in rain to experience.  

Camille Sassano
Video sculpture installation 
               “Bath Girl”
Live fish sculpture & Photography installation        
Alexandra Coultas
Interactive drawing installation - “Bound By Gravity”
Interactive Drawing Installation - “Donna’s Doodles”
Donna Backues
Color drawing installation
Beth Prusky
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