Art Installation & Artists

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Katie Dillon Low
Joshua Wade Smith
“Me, Myself” - Video 2:24
Sculpture Installation - Medal, glass and paraffin wax
Joshua started with perfect 
cubes of plasters that where attached to the gallery. As he dragged the blocks white drawings where created on the ground.
Aimee Gilmore

Philadelphia - PA - May 3rd, 2013

Baltimore Curator - Veronica Cianfrano - Her selected artists are: Aimee Gilmore and Katie Dillon Low

Philadelphia Curator - Magnolia Laurie - She is part of the “I Pick You First Series” where the first artist is selected by the BackPack Gallery and becomes the curator who choses other artists to perform together.  Laurie has curated Joshua Wade Smith and Cindy Cheng.  

Lucia Pedi is a returning artist who performed in the Highline Park exhibition in November, 2012.  She was curated by Heloisa Escudero.  

Magnolia Laurie
“Passer-By’s” Painting Installation
“Bed Of Rocks”  Performance installation
Drawing installation
Cindy Cheng
Lucia Pedi
“Portrait Of My Mother” - Video 0:17