Staff Performers

Megan Muller - Guest Curator

The artists chosen for this exhibition have extensive bodies of work that uses parody, satire, and absurdity to challenge commonly held beliefs or unconsidered. HUmor as medium cuts the sharpness of their commentary in a way that can be disarming while still considering the language of delivery, timing, commitment, exaggeration, subtly, irreverence of universal experience.  The successful use of humor forces a level of certainty on behalf of the maker to commit fully to their message which in turn forces an audience to respond.

Brian P. English - Administrative Assistant/ Photograher

Heloisa Escudero - Gallery Director/ Project Creator/ Artist Collaborator

Galin Brooks - Office Manager/ Awesonest

Pavan Agrawal - Audience Instigator

Francisco Orsi - Audience Instigator

Rosslyn, Arlington - VA - June 9th, 2013

Supernova Festival - 2013

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